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The Lila of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Naughty Nimai

Page prepared for the devotee children by Parama Bhakti Dasi

Nimai was very fond of adventure. Together with His friends He would secretly enter the neighbouring houses and He would steal food.

In many houses He would find fresh milk, which He loved to drink. Sometimes He would find lovely boiled rice and He would fill His tummy up with that.

But if He didn't find anything to eat He would break all the pots and tease the children until they started to cry. The ladies of the house would then go to Mother Sachi and complain to her about Nimai's behaviour.

Mother Sachi became very angry with her son and she would ask Him: "Why are You stealing food? And why are You teasing children in this way? Why are You entering the houses of others without even asking them permission? Don't You have enough to eat at Your own home?"

When Nimai heard His mother speak like that He didn't really like it. He locked Himself up in a room and then proceeded to break all the pots. Mother Sachi went to Him and she took Him on her lap. Lovingly she explained to Him that He wasn't allowed to do things like that. She told Him that if He does something wrong He should be able to admit it.

Nimai was ashamed of Himself and He promised He would never do it again.

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ki jaya!

Prepared by Parama Bhakti Dasi for Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math: