Sri Sri Guru Gaurangau Jayatah!

Seva opportunity:

Volunteers for the
"Simply Wonderful"
Devotee Preaching Kitchen

at the Utah, U.S.A., Rainbow Gathering, June/July 2003

A petition by Mathuranath Prabhu

Dear Respected Devotees,

Please accept my dandavat pranam.

This year's annual Rainbow Gathering is currently under way. The Gathering (June 21st to July 7th) is held in the Utah area.

For the past six years Srila Gurudev's, Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Maharaj's, devotee kitchen, 'Simply Wonderful,' has been a dominant prasadam distribution point at these gatherings. Last year well over 10,000 plates were served. This project is extremely rewarding as hundreds of young people come forward in a mood of service to Sri Sri Guru Gauranga and share a very positive experience of Krsna Consciousness.

Due to the overwhelming success and growth of this project we are earnestly encouraging all devotees who have the opportunity, to join in the large scale prasadam distribution and enthusiastic Hari-nama Sankirtan led by Sriman Jagadananda Prabhu and Sriman Hariballava Prabhu.

For more information, kindly contact Nitya Hari Das.

For general information about the Rainbow Gathering, kindly go to the unofficial web-site of the Gathering:

With dandavat pranam to all the devotees,

Mathuranath Das

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