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Disappearance of
Sripad Rsabhdev Das Adhikari

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Audio: "In my life I have seen so many miracles...." Morning informal discourse in 2006 by Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj in glorification of Sripad Rsabhdev Prabhu of USA in remembrance of his passing away on this day in 2000.
12 June 2006:
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Sripad Rsabhdev Prabhu's Disappearance. Announcement, glorification and Nabadwip Festival pictures of his auspicious passing away in 2000.

Audio: Sripad Rsabhdev Das Adhikari - an excerpt from the soundtrack of the Vimeo video of him speaking a few weeks before his passing away in 2000.
"Dive deep, don't be satisfied with the surface understanding. Religion is a prison. And we've picked up so much of the acculturation of Hinduism and what we consider to be the Vedic religion, but it's necessary for us to go to the core, and this is beyond all visual, mental, and objective understanding, and that is the subjective. We must go into the subjective evolution of consciousness, and dive deep into that reality, Reality the Beautiful, where Krishna is searching for His lost servant."
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Video of the above talk by Sripad Rsabhdev Prabhu: 23 minutes, 58 MB QuickTime movie.

Soquel Seva Ashram. Sripad Rsabhdev Prabhu's Disappearance Festival in remembrance of his Vaisnava qualities and his auspicious passing away in 2000.

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