(Pictures and layout sent by Vaidehi Devi Dasi)
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We wanted to do something to make funds for the temple but what? We put up a bulletin board with different Seva Opportunities and announced the Car wash. “This Friday and Saturday from 3-6 pm! Come help!” I made phone calls to get all ofthe devotees together and had several like Bharat Chandra Prabhu and family, and Syama dd with daughter coming 45 minutes away from San Jose. The weather was warm, the kids wanted to be outside, so we got together to do some Seva!!

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  We got permission from the manager to use her parking lot after 3 pm, when the restaurant closed.
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Our all ages devotee crew arrived and we got to work right away by scrubbing, rinsing, and drying.
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Many devotees also participated by making sure we had the needed supplies like Sarvabhavana Prabhu who made the signs, Kalindi dd, Swaranangi dd, Madhura Priya dd, Madhu Mati dd and Sureshvari dd… While others gave donations and had their cars washed like Krsna Priya dd, Rasangi ddand Chinmoyananda Prabhu.

Everybody took turns washing, holding signs, and selling cookies to the customers. Over all by the end of the two days we had a very successful weekend!!!
Jaya Gurudev!!

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