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Report from Czech centre
Sri Sridhar-Govinda Sangha

Libecina, September – October 2004

Webpage and pictures by Anasuya Devi Dasi 2004

Sri Sri Pancha-tattva mercifully preside over the Ashram.

The climate in Libecina is quite cold with December temperatures sometimes dropping to -20 degrees, so preparing for winter is necessary. Here Madhavendra Prabhu and Milita Madhava Prabhu put insulation and new plaster to protect the Ashram form snow.

The first phase is ready.

Repairing the roof.

Our old Skoda car is still working well.

Left: Our friend Lada helps to reconstruct parts of the house.
Right: Madhavendra Prabhu prepares a nice entrance.

The detail taking shape.

Neighbours sometimes give presents such as vegetables, flowers, etc.

Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Nabadwip
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