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Sri Nabadwip Dham Parikrama

Day Three, page one

Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Wednesday 23rd March 2005

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Our Sri Nabadwip Dham Parikrama party crosses over the Ganges just before sunrise, heading out to many rural holy places on the third day.
The devotees stop first at Sri Surabhi Kunj.
The Deities worshiped at the small temple there.

  Excerpt from Sri Nabadwip Dham Mahatmya:

Nityananda Prabhu walked with the devotees to the village of Gadigacha. When He arrived there, He spoke with a smile: "This place is called Godrumadwip. Surabhi, the desire-cow of Indra, resides here eternally. When Indra, the king of demigods and lord of rain, was overwhelmed with illusion and pride, he flooded Gokula with rain. At that time Sri Krishna lifted Govardhan Hill and protected Gokula. His pride crushed, Indra recognised Krishna as the Supreme Lord and fell at His lotus feet to beg forgiveness. Sri Krishna, the son of Nanda, being an ocean of mercy, forgave Indra, but Indra continued to be fearful of the sin he had committed.
"Approaching Surabhi, he said, 'Because I could not understand Krishna's Pastimes I committed a great offense. I have heard that in the Kali-yuga, Krishna, the son of Maharaj Nanda, will perform wonderful Pastimes in Nabadwip. But I hesitate to approach Him for fear of again falling into illusion and offending Him. As you are a surabhi, a desire-cow, you know everything. Kindly help me solve this dilemma."

Sripad Giri Maharaj leads bhajans and then reads from Sri Nabadwip Dham Mahatmya in Bengali. Sripad Janardan Maharaj also spoke in English and Spanish of the different pastimes associated with Surabhi Kunj.


Nityananda continued: "Surabhi answered Indra by saying, 'Let us go to Nabadwip Dham and worship Nimai Pandit. He is Krishna appearing in His most magnanimous feature as Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.' Arriving in Nabadwip, Indra and Surabhi began to worship Sri Chaitanya. Since the worship of Sri Chaitanya is very easy, its results are easily attained. By constantly repeating His Name, tears of ecstasy filled their eyes, and soon they received a visit from the Lord.
"The Lord's beautiful transcendental form was full of charm and wonder. He was laughing and bubbling over with the nectar of divine love. Sri Chaitanya said, 'I know your wish. Very soon I will appear in Nabadwip. At that time you will serve Me, and the net of illusion will no longer bind you.' The Lord vanished, but Surabhi remained here beside a banyan tree, constantly serving the lotus feet of Sri Chaitanya. Therefore, the place is called Go-druma-dwip (cow-tree-island)."

— Sri Nabadwip Dham Mahatmya, Chapter 8
Sripad Bhakti Kiran Giri Maharaj speaks to the gathering of devotees in front of Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur's Samadhi Mandir at Sri Swananda Sukhada Kunja. Here also are the bhajan kutirs of Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur and Srila Gaura Kishor Das Babaji Maharaj.
Upstairs are two small rooms: one that Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur stayed in and one that Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur stayed in.
His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur's Murty at his Samadhi Mandir.
Sri Sri Gaura Gadadhara, the Deities worshiped by Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur.
The parikrama party stops next at Hari Hara Ksetra, where Sripad Giri Maharaj leads a kirttan and class in Bengali.
The Deities worshipped in the Temple there. The central Deity is Sri Hari Hara, who is a combination of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Nabadwip
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