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Ukraine Preaching: Donetsk, and Kiev TV interview

Pictures complementing Sripad B.L. Akinchan Maharaj's recent web-logs
with captions by His Holiness

9 June 2005

The send-off from the Zaporizhzhya bus-station. (The Russian sign with the big red "5" says: "Destination -- Donetsk.")
This first group photo is from my first visit here on November 4th/5th, 2003.
As you can see from yesterday's group picture the devotional community has grown considerably since that first visit!
In the evening, we had a public program at the Planetarium in downtown Donetsk.
Outside, speaking informally to some of the guests with Swarup Prabhu, my interpreter.
On the set, and in the lobby, of Channel 12 TV studio taken during the taping of the "Wake Up!" show.
Leaving the Channel 12 TV studios.
"Nama-hatta" program at Satya-Govinda Prabhu's house.
"Nama-hatta" program at Sakshi Gopal Prabhu's house.
Publicity photo of Swarup Prabhu (my interpreter) and I, taken for a newspaper interview here in Donetsk, for the "Government Courier" (published at the Kiev headquarters).

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