All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Summer Seva Meeting of Devotees

Sri Sridhar-Govinda Sangha, Libecina
August 2005

Web-page by Anasuya Devi Dasi
This summer devotees from different parts of Czech Republic and Europe came to meet one another and to do various services, especially the service of building a new temple room for the satisfaction of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.
Bilvamangala Prabhu from Holland removes old plaster from the ceiling.
A big part has been done already.
Madhavendra Prabhu is cementing the door frame...
...and trimming metal beams.
The father of Anasuya Didi connects a new electricity system for the temple room.
Unloading building material.
Pavan Krishna Prabhu from Slovakia cuts the grass.
Collecting of hay...
...for our goat's food in winter time.
Yasheswari Didi from Holland gathers green beans...
...and Anasuya Didi collects zucchinis.

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