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Beach Flats Community Center

Christmas Eve Dinner

Santa Cruz, CA

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Pictures by Sripad Janardan Maharaj, Krishna Priya D.D., and Neelamani Das.
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Xmas Eve Charity Celebration

Every year since 1990 we have held a celebration of prasadam distribution and toy give away in the Beach Flats area of Santa Cruz.

This year was our biggest ever! We had passed out 50 toys when I sent someone outside to count the kids left in the line and there were 145 more!!!

We thought we wouldn't have enough toys this year, but through the incredible efforts of Diksavati Didi, Rasangi Didi, Krsna Priya Didi, and Jivana Didi, we gave away over 300 toys!

Also, this was the best year for prasadam distribution. All the guests ate to their full satisfaction and we had to keep serving in shifts because there was only seating for around 100 at a time, and there were well over 400 people!

And this year… our Santa Claus, well, what can I say? Arindam Krsna Prabhu was the best!!! His years of theater and bilingual talents paid off. The kids loved him!

Thankfully, we had our set up and clean up crews of Sarva Bhavana Prabhu, Krsna Bhusan Prabhu, Neelamani Das and Devaki Dasi.

Everyone pitched in to help and Sripad Janardan Maharaj spent many hours speaking with the various guests.

This local community center has come to depend on us every year to help their neighborhood out with food and toys for the families living there.

By the Grace of our Srila Gurudev, we are able to do just that!

Srila Gurudev, ki jay! Soquel Seva Ashram, ki jay! All the devotees, ki jay!

-Sanatani Devi Dasi

Kalindi Devi Dasi serving a young girl some cake.
Various devotees serving Prasadam to the very long line of guests.
(Left to right) Madhumati D.D., Arindam Krishna Prabhu, and Sachi Dasi.
(Left to right) Krishna Priya D.D. and Jivana D.D. preparing and serving the drinks. Krishna Priya D.D. got several boxes of Martinellis Sparkling Cider (non-alcoholic!) donated for this occasion.
Everyone honoring the delicious Prasadam.

Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Nabadwip
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