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Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math

7 May 2006
060507-Nabadwip-01 060507-Nabadwip-02
Devotees look over to the mango tree that fell against the adjacent tree during strong winds this morning.
060507-Nabadwip-03 060507-Nabadwip-04
The broken trunk.
060507-Nabadwip-05 060507-Nabadwip-06
060507-Nabadwip-07 060507-Nabadwip-08
Across the road, construction continues of the new five-storey guesthouse.
060507-Nabadwip-09 060507-Nabadwip-10
060507-Nabadwip-11 060507-Nabadwip-12
060507-Nabadwip-13 060507-Nabadwip-14
060507-Nabadwip-15 060507-Nabadwip-16
Paddy arrives from our Simjali crops fields.
060507-Nabadwip-17 060507-Nabadwip-18

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