All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math

11 May 2006
Nabadwip-01 Nabadwip-02
Surgeries are held in our 'Blue House' during construction on the original site of the Math's Charitable Dispensary.
Nabadwip-03 Nabadwip-04
Nabadwip-05 Nabadwip-06
Inside, the doctor examines a patient, while outside a wall is being prepared for a sign for the Dispensary.
Nabadwip-07 Nabadwip-08
After last night's storm the boat is bailed out and a fallen lamp post is repaired.
Nabadwip-09 Nabadwip-10
Construction progress of the new guest-house on the site of the old Charitable Dispensary.
Nabadwip-11 Nabadwip-12
Nabadwip-13 Nabadwip-14
Nabadwip-15 Nabadwip-16
Nabadwip-17 Nabadwip-18
Paddy arriving from our fields at Sripat Hapaniya.
Nabadwip-19 Nabadwip-20
Threshing rice behind Sri Rama Dham, while Durga Charan Das Prabhu stands nearby in front of a tractor being used to take away cow-dung for manure.

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