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Recent Preaching Activities

Coimbra, Portugal

August 2006

Ananda Mayi Devi Dasi, a professional yoga teacher, takes every opportunity to preach the message of Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math through discourse, kirttan and prasadam distribution. She writes on some of her activities:

"In September last year I started giving astanga yoga classes two times a week in the main hospital in Coimbra and also in the main maternity hospital and children's hospital. My students were mostly specialists. I received good reactions....

"In June I started teaching yoga to children on Saturday mornings in a yoga centre. In the first few classes I was already talking about the Gita and we were chanting, accompanied with karatals and a mrdanga. The children were very enthusiastic and they had a lot of questions. The classes of one hour passed by very fast. In September I am continuing with them and hopefully a lot more will come. I hope I can show them their relationship with the Supreme and the beautiful, divine life-path which is always open for them.... In this way all seven days of the week I was giving classes; in total fifteen classes of one hour spread out over Coimbra...."
Earlier on in the kitchen: Arun Krishna Prabhu, one of Ananda Mayi Devi Dasi's children.
Offering dandavat pranams to all the Vaisnava readers around the world.

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