Srila Govinda Maharaj Seva Sangha
Porto Alegre, Brazil

7th and 15th October 2006

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Webpage by Partha Sarathi Das, captions by Shiva Nandini Devi Dasi 

Premalatika Devi Dasi takes care of the grass.

The Sri Vyasa-Puja programme began with Shiva Nandini Devi Dasi offering arati.

Partha Sarathi Prabhu leads Sri Tulasi parikrama.

After Partha Sarathi Prabhu's lecture about this day, we all honoured Maha-prasadam....

We hope that Param Guru Maharaj and Srila Govinda Maharaj accept our humble offerings and our dandavat pranams too, from these aspiring to be servants from the south of South America. 

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Nitai-Gaura-Premanande, Haribol!

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