All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Villa Govinda
10 Year Anniversary Festival

6 – 8 August 2013, Italy

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Photos: Vraja Rama Devi Dasi, Anika and Anito from Hungary, Krishna Sakhi Devi Dasi, Syamavallabhā Devi Dasi, Catia D'Ambrosio, Rama Chandra Prabhu, and Madhurananda Prabhu. Webpage and captions: Madhupriya Devi Dasi.



Welcoming visitors to the 10th anniversary of Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math Villa Govinda Ashram, Syamavallabhā Devi Dasi and Ravindra Prabhu have set up shop with devotional paraphernalia to sell. Meanwhile, inside, Krishna Sakhi Devi Dasi and Shanti Moyi Devi Dasi decorate the Deities with garlands.



Our special guests, Srila B.B. Avadhut Maharaj, who blessed us with a one day visit, and Sripad B.K. Tyagi Maharaj, representing Srila B.N. Acharya Maharaj.



Outside, on the newly built veranda, the Hungarian devotees led by Vraja Rama Devi Dasi and Ravindra Prabhu (pictured here on the right, discussing the Hungarian preaching centre with Vishakha Devi Dasi) perform traditional Oddissi dance for visitors.



Among the class attendants are Chaitanya Mayi Devi Dasi, who is looking after the Rome preaching centre. Pictured right is Satyabhama Devi Dasi, one of the local community who assisted with the festival.



Michela, Tatswarupa Devi Dasi, Shanti Moyi Devi Dasi, Anukrishna Devi Dasi, and Dina Bandhu Prabhu serve prashadam, and the devotees happily honour it.



Srila Avadhut Maharaj and Sripad Tyagi Maharaj give class. Later, the children attend their own special class with Tyagi Maharaj, translated into Italian by Jahnavi Devi Dasi.
picture-09 picture-10

The next day, many are eager to hear more and more. After class, Tiziano has questions, and his sincere enquiry is graciously satisfied.



Malini Devi Dasi from Malta helping in the kitchen with Villa Govinda resident, Murali Prabhu.

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