Additional yajna information

and Ingredients needed for the yajna

(This page accompanies the principal 'Helpful information for a fire yajna' page.)


Aratni- the length from the elbow to the tip of the little finger

Hasta- the length from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger.

Praadesha- the length of the span from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the first finger.

Sruva- the sacrificial spoon used to pur oblations of ghee on the fire.

Sthandila- the sacrificial altar or fire pit.


1. According to the bovhila Grhya Sutra, if kusha grass is not available, any type of grass may be substituted.

2. The lines may be decorated with rice flour which has been dyed with the proper colors.

3. The Sthandila may be decorated appropriately with design (mandala etc.) before begining

Yajna. This is optional. During Yajna the 5 auspicious lines will be placed on top of this.

4. According to the Aashvalaayana Grhya Sutra, the spreading of the kusha (around the perimeter of the sthandila) is optional.

Ingredients needed for yajna

1. A complete arati tray

1a Five kinds of uncut fruits on a tray

2. Five kinds of grains (rice, dahl, flour, chick peas, and barley) in bowls

3. Five colors. Yellow (corn flour), black (black pepper), red (kum kum), white (plain flour), and gold (turmeric) in small bowls.

4. Two plates with cut fruit, sweets and water. One plate offered and one unoffered.

5. Bricks, enough to build the fire pit.

6. Wood, 15 inches long and one inch in diameter.

7. Kindling (very thin slivers of wood for starting the fire) and lighter or matches.

8. Clean white sand enough for the fire and the lines to be drawn on

9. Kusha grass1. (pompous grass or any other kind of grass growing on the land)

10. two small bowls, one with Sandalwood pulp, one with Tumeric

11. Brahmins with appropriate color chaddar

12. At least 1 Litre of ghee in metal bowl.

13. ladle with long handle for the ghee

14. pancapatra with small spoon like those usually purchased in India.

15. small bowl of Tulasi leaves suffecient for each of the offerings (at least a dozen or so)

16. loose flowers

17. incense

18. bookstand

19. ghee (oil) lamp. That is, one that you can light the other flames from

20. asanas for the priest, his assistant and the new initiates if appropriate.

21. visarjuniya patra (throw-out pot, large steel bowl)

22. Madhuparka (keep the following ingredients in small bowls and then mix to offer: Milk, Honey, Yogurt, Ghee, Sugar).

23. garlands for the Deities (put on before the yajna), also garlands for the preist and assistant.

24. Arghya

25. Madhuparka

26. Extra bowl of water, 1 litre or more.

27. Clean or new Towel for drying hands, mopping up spills, etc.

28. a few extra metal bowls in case the need arises.

29. Donations such as money, foodstuffs and new cloth to be offered to the priest & assistant.

30. Brahmin Threads -- each is known as 'nava-sutra' or '9 threads' -- for new Gayatri initiates.

(This page accompanies the principal 'Helpful information for a fire yajna' page.)

Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Nabadwip.