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on tour with Srila Govinda Maharaj in Caracas, Venezuela.

By Vaidehi Devi Dasi, 17 November 2004

What happens in Caracas Venezuela is a very beautiful thing. Of course wherever Srila Gurudev goes there is always so much light and happiness, the days are filled with activities and especially service. Here is what happened just yesterday at both Srila Gurudev's headquarters and at the Ashram.

The morning started off with initiations. So many people are joining the mission in Venezuela. By now over forty devotees have been initiated! Srila Gurudev told the devotees that he received the Mahamantra from his Gurudev, and now he is giving it to us. We must chant sixteen rounds a day, and at least four minimum.

Beforehand Isvara Prasad Prabhu told everybody what they needed to do. "Lift your hands up as Gurudev hands you the beads. You must follow the regulative principles and do service. You are making a promise to your Gurudev."

Sripad Janardan Maharaj translated everything to the Spanish speaking devotees. Raghunath Das gives his respects to His Divine Grace.

After initiations all the ladies piled into different cars to go to the temple. Bhakti Lalita Devi Dasi gave a ladies class!

There were so many ladies present and so many questions asked.

Bhakti Lalita answered questions and Laksmi Kanti Devi Dasi translated for both parties.

Aditirani Devi Dasi and Kamala Devi Dasi posing after having just asked a question.

Nandapriya listens to the class happily.

Lilasundari Devi Dasi taking care of Tulasi right before doing the noon puja on this day. After the class it was aroti time. The ladies were in the front leading the kirtan.

Back at Purujit Prabhu's house the head cook Nimai Prabhu prepares prasadam for Gurudev and his entourage.

Laksmikanta Prabhu rolling chapatis.

Kamala from Soquel cooking for Gurudev in the kitchen, as usual.

Nityananda Prabhu from Colombia making pizza for His Divine Grace, and Sukadeva preparing a subji.

Krsnajayanti from Colombia helping her husband make the pizza by cooking the sauce.

Syamanandini cleaning up in the kitchen to help the cooks.

The kitchen isn't the only service to be done. Around the house several devotees are engaged. Amita Shakti Devi Dasi as the hostess runs around serving everybody.

Sripad Trivikram Maharaj working on his computer.

Sripad Siddhanti Maharaj roaming around giving nourishment to those seeking advice.

Sripad Ashram Maharaj preparing for his trip back to Veracruz the next day.

Sripad Goswami Maharaj sitting on the sofa soon draws a crowd of people around him.

As soon as he sits down if he is not busy (maybe even if he is) someone will come to ask him a question, which causes everybody listening to crowd around him and take in all he has to preach.

Left to right: Purujit Prabhu the president of the ashram here in Venezuela pleasing Srila Gurudev at his fullest extent; Jagadishvara Prabhu; Raycharan Prabhu; and Ramanuja Prabhu

Raghunath Das from Colombia.

Back at the temple Antaryyami Prabhu who is dedicatedly engaged in his service all day remains there to keep everything in place. He soon hears that Srila Gurudev is to arrive at the temple in fifteen minutes.

The devotees staying there prepare everything that needs to be done for His arrival.

Achyutananda Prabhu ready for seva.

When Srila Govinda Maharaj arrives the devotees become so happy and the temple room fills up. I can only imagine where His Divine Grace is getting all of this energy. He came here with ill health but sang three songs and spoke for over an hour that day.

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