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Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj

For a background to Srila Govinda Maharaj's World Tours and for information, dispatches, pictures, etc. of earlier tours, please see our World Tours Information page.

24th World Tour

Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj returned to Calcutta via Govardhan and Vrindavan thus completing this Tour that took him to Thailand, Malaysia and Mauritius. Various reports and pictures are linked in the What's New pages of January and February 2008.

In Thailand Srila Gurudev was very pleased to meet with the local devotees and to welcome several Chinese aspirants who came to take shelter of his lotus feet.

In Malaysia His Divine Grace visited three Centres which have newly manifested since his last visit, and he stayed very comfortably at the home of Balendranath Prabhu.

In Mauritius Srila Gurudev first stayed at the Vaishnava Seva Society, before going to the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math International where His Divine Grace led the installation of the Deities on 11th February.

23rd World Tour of Srila Govinda Maharaj successfully complete

Srila Govinda Maharaj safely and happily returned to Kolkata, thus successfully completing his 23rd World Tour during which he nourished countless fortunate souls around the globe.

On this tour His Divine Grace has visited Thailand, Russia, Italy, Venezuela, Mexico, USA, and England. Pictures, video and reports from this tour are linked from our current What's New page and from previous What Was New pages from August 2007 onwards.

Srila Gurudev stayed in England at the Sr Chaitanya Saraswat Math in East London. Devotees gathered daily, and spread their enthusiasm through regular nagar-sankirttan and meetings.

In USA Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj stayed for over three weeks in California and visited our Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Seva Ashrams in Soquel and San Jose. Many eager souls received connection with His Divine Grace, with Srila Gurudev giving initiations on several occasions.

In Mexico Srila Govinda Maharaj installed the Deities of Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Gandharva Nandanandana at the Veracruz Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math and blessed the devotees in many ways by his holy presence.

During Srila Gurudev's stay in Venezuela Srila Govinda Maharaj gave classes regularly and inspired the devotees in huge sankirttan. Reports, pictures and video from the visit are posted on the Venezuelan's website,

In Italy devotees greeted His Divine Grace from all over Europe with some flying in from as far away as North and South America.

In St. Petersburg Srila Govinda Maharaj regularly met with devotees and went on several outings with the devotees. Tour pictures and reports are linked from our What's New page.

Before going to Russia, Srila Govinda Maharaj visited Thailand for the first time and His Divine Grace received a warm welcome by devotees from Thailand, Russia, China, Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Venezuela. Sripad B.S. Goswami Maharaj wrote: "Srila Govinda Maharaj is a devotional magnet, even he was surprised at the turnout."

Tour Itinerary. His Divine Grace was invited by countless devotees to visit all corners of the world. He selected to try to accept the invitations of Thailand (Bangkok), Russia (St. Petersburg), Italy (Milan), Venezuela (Caracas), Mexico (Veracruz), USA (California) and UK (London). Srila Govinda Maharaj repeatedly pointed out that he is going on a "meeting the devotees tour" and "especially those who cannot come to India."

Seeing Srila Gurudev's delicate health, it was realistic that Srila Gurudev's tour itinerary could change at any time. However, helped by the prayers of the devotees, Srila Govinda Maharaj successfully visited all places on his itinerary.


22nd World Tour of Srila Govinda Maharaj
(the previous tour):

Srila Govinda Maharaj safely returned in early November 2006 to Kolkata, India, on completion of his 22nd World Tour. His Divine Grace visited London and Saint Petersburg and graced the devotees with regular darshans and discourses.

Many recordings of His Divine Grace's classes as well as photo reports, etc. are listed in the updates here on the Math's website throughout September and October and early November 2006.

Previous Tours: dispatches and pictures from all Srila Gurudev's recent Tours.

For a background to Srila Govinda Maharaj's World Tours and for information, dispatches, pictures, etc. of earlier Tours, please see our World Tours Information page.
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