All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Sri Ganga Mata Goswamini

Article compiled with the assistance of the Nilachala Puri Guide by Nowla Kisor Prabhu.

Daughter of the king of Sri Naresh Narayan, Sachi Devi from early childhood showed unalloyed devotion to the Lord. She refused to marry when the age came as she wanted to serve only her Lord Bhagavan Sri Krishna.

She took the responsibility of governing the kingdom after the passing away of the king and queen, but soon renounced it and went on pilgrimage in search for a spiritual master.

Upon coming to Vrindavan Dham, she met the eminent Vaishnav scholar Sri Haridas Pandit who refused to grant her diksha on account of her royal ascendence. But, after observing her fierce determination, renunciation and austerity, Haridas Pandit initiated her into the Gopal mantra.

Taking her guru's suggestion, Sachi went to live in Radha Kunda with her godsister Laksmipriya who used to chant daily 192 rounds of the mahamantra. Together they would circumambulate Govardhan Hill every day.

Later, on her guru's order, Sachi went to Jagannath Puri to restore the house of Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya. There, every day she lectured on Srimad Bhagavatam and became very popular, accepting many disciples including brahmans and kings.

When Ganga Sagar mela was to happen, Sachi Devi desired to bathe there. On the night before the mela, Lord Jagannath spoke in her dream advising her to bathe in the Sweta Ganga tank and that Ganga Devi herself would come there and give her darshan.

Upon entering the pond, a strong current suddenly and mysteriously transported Sachi to a faraway place where thousands of pilgrims were bathing in the Ganga. A few seconds later, Sachi was carried by the turbulent waters directly inside Lord Jagannath's temple.

The pandas, hearing some disturbance, found her standing before Lord Jagannath's altar and humiliated her calling her a thief.

Later that night in a dream, Lord Jagannath told the king, "My dear devotee Sachi Devi wanted to bathe in the Ganga at Ganga Sagar Tirtha. Because the Ganga comes from My lotus feet, when Sachi entered Sweta Ganga she reached My lotus feet. The pandas who are under your control, abused her. Now you and all the pandas should beg her forgiveness and take initiation from her, otherwise I will no longer accept any seva from the pandas and you will experience a dire result."

Lord Jagannath also inspired the king to donate Sarvabhauma's house to Sachi Devi, which she gratefully accepted to fulfil the order of her guru.

After this wonderful pastime, Sachi Devi became known all over Jagannath Puri as Ganga Mata Goswamini.

Jagannath Swami ki jay! Ganga Mata ki jay! Ganga Mata Goswamini ki jay!

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