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Webpage Templates

Updated 17 June 2006

Webpage Templates intended to be helpful for you to more easily make picture and report presentations to His Divine Grace Srila Govinda Maharaj. These three straightforward templates are accompanied by
Standard Operational Procedures
(SOP's) to guide step-by-step through their usage. These 'SOPs' are made by Malini Devi Dasi, a professionally trained office administrator. She used one of these templates as the basis for her acclaimed Italian report in June 2006.

To use, download the compressed file: or for Mac users, templates.sit.

After uncompressing you will have a 'templates-scsm-0606' folder containing two Standard Operational Procedures and three folders each containing a particular template. Please read the SOP's and follow through step by step, and soon you should be up and running....

Intended to be useful for the devotees' service.
Your tips, feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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