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Written offerings for Sri Vyasa-Puja soon please!

  • Invitation to Sri Vyasa-Puja celebrations for His Divine Grace Om Visnupad Sri Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj, 9th to 13th December 2003, and the Temple Inauguration at Bamunpara Sri Chaitanya Sridhar Govinda Seva Ashram. (In English and Bengali.)
  • Sri Vyasa-Puja Book: A special request to please send any written offerings early (preferably as text in the body of an email) to so they may be included and printed in the anthology being prepared again this year by Vrindavanesvari Devi Dasi. This will be presented to His Divine Grace on his holy Appearance Day. Srila Gurudev likes photos, so please contribute too with a picture or two of your good-self (as 'jpeg' files, not more than 80K each please) — and please include your city and country.

  • Tips for sending photos by email. As many of you know, our phone lines are often slow in Nabadwip, so please send reasonably small photos. As a general guideline, use a picture editing programme on your computer to make each photo a maximum of 500 pixels wide, then "Save As..." a jpeg file with a quality of 50 percent. This will generally give a reasonable compromise between picture quality and file size.
  • Donations for Sri Vyasa-Puja are welcome. Please see our Donations page.

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