Last weekend's village preaching in Kurumba, West Bengal

Pictures received 25 January 2004
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Prabhu Shyamasundar of Israel

At this time of the year we can see in each house compound the drying of threshed grains...

...and surrounding each village are vast expanses of paddy fields, making this area the breadbasket of West Bengal.

In the meantime bhoga is being prepared. They cook while we collect.

As soon as we return to the our host’s house, bhoga arati begins.

Honouring Prasadam, one of the nourishing pastimes of the Vaishnavas.

The following days each follow a similar pattern, then it came time to leave, and our Sumo is being packed up. It is time to return to Nabadwip, but not for long, as after just two days we will be going back out spreading the teaching of Mahaprabhu and giving the opportunity of service to the residents of other villages of West Bengal.
I always wondered where all the thousands of people come from at Gaura-Purnima time, and now I am very happy to see the homes of many of these pilgrims. Hoping you may also be pleased to share these pictures and these special days.
With obeisances to all the Vaishnava readers,
— Shyamasundar Dasa
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Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Nabadwip: