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All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!!!

Mexico Camp-out
report and layout 1 April 2004 by
Dhanistha and Lalita Devi Dasis

We are now getting ready for the camp-out that
will take place this 3rd-12th of April. We are
cleaning the house, fixing pipes for the water,
putting new sinks etc.
We have taken a few pictures for you to see.

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Our dad, Adwaita Prabhu, putting a new
sink where the dishes will be washed.

A nice day in Zirahuen where the
will be held in a few days.

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Do you know who this wonderful person is?
Yes it'
s Srutasrava Prabhu! He was here
for one week helpingus with a roof where
the devotees willhonour Prasadam!

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And our new road that leads down to the creek,
and where our race games willalso take place.

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Our father welding for the
installation of the showers.

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The water pipes that will lead to the kitchen.

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LalitaPriyaDevi Dasi pasting a lid on the
pressure tank. This tank will lead all the pressure
to the water and send water with pressure everywhere.

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Dhanistha folding the
who willneed them.

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The trunk and the
back seat
cauliflower, lemons
cabbages, etc.

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Hurray! NitaiPrabhu comes to help us before the
begins and our mom, Kirtida, helping with

the bhoga.

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Rainbow at the end of the day.

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Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Nabadwip: