Preaching and Children's Coloring Contest
at the
 Sanatana Dharma Ashram, Sitiawan

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Left: Bhaktin Mani, Indhu Rekha Devi Dasi and well-wisher Mrs. Menon choosing the best pictures from the coloring contest. Right: Prabhu Krishna Bandhu giving away prizes to the winners.

Well-wisher Mrs. Menon giving away prizes to the winners from different categories.

Left: Another well-wisher Mr. Rajan giving out prizes to the winners and Bhaktin Sheila is helping. Right: Prabhu Gokulesha, the local Isckon President, giving away prizes.

Left: Just before the program ended, Prabhu Tribhuvanath gave a talk and introduced Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math and Srila Gurudev to the audience. Right: Prabhu Sachinandan ended the program with "Hari-haraye namah krsna" and beautiful kirttana.


A rousing kirttana was performed and the young children from the Sanatana Dharma Ashram too joined in.


More kirttana. 


Left: Prabhu Anandagiri Raj, Bhaktin Mani, Bhaktin Letchumy and Indhu Rekha Devi Dasi serving Prasadam. Right: Bhakta Prem far right and Bhakta Sri Ganesh helping to serve Prasadam.

Guest and devotees honoring Prasadam.

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