Daily Sankirttan by the Devotees in Smolensk, Russia

April to June 2005

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Pictures and report by Prithu Das

The tenth day of the daily Nagar-sankirttan - Vasudev Prabhu distributes Prasadam.
On the same day, Harinam Sankirttan together with Iskcon devotees.
The lecture by Vasudev Prabhu at Shyam Gopal Prabhu's farm...
...followed by prasada-seva.
At Shyam Gopal Prabhu's farm, Rai Kishori Didi entertains Kalina to Prasad.
Sri Nrsimha-chaturdasi marks the opening of the swimming season.
On the occasion of Sri Nrsimha-chaturdasi, Sahadev Prabhu tells about Sri Nrisimhadev...
...and the Indian devotees are very glad to be able to share this day with the other devotees.

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