Daily Sankirttan by the Devotees in Smolensk, Russia

April to June 2005

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Pictures and report by Prithu Das

The 40th day of the daily Nagar-sankirttan. At the end of every Harinam Sankirttan the devotees distribute prasadam.
On the 41st day of the daily Nagar-sankirttan, in spite of a downpour, kirttan is continuing...
...and baby Mukunda also wants to join!
Later Vasudev Prabhu distributes prasadam to devotees who are wet through, but happy.
Every day... for 42 days Nagar Sankirttan has been going on in Smolensk.
The 42nd day of the daily Nagar-sankirtan. Association of the youngest devotees: Nila Madhava Prabhu's son Vladislav and Alina's son Mukunda.
Again at Shyam Gopal Prabhu's farm - Vasudev Prabhu is answering the questions of Indian and Russian students...
...and later he joins Shyam Gopal Prabhu for cooking sabji.

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