Page 2: Rainbow Gathering
All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Colorado National Rainbow Gathering

First and Second Day

Routte National Forest, Colorado, July1st 2006

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Report by Sripad Bhakti Vigraha Nyasi Maharaj
Pictures and web-pages by Krishnendrani D.D.

Headed by Nitya Hari Prabhu and ably assisted by Devananda Prabhu, our devotees have established themselves as an important and respected part of this yearly festival with an impressive Prasadam preparation and distribution program that has fed scores of thousands over the past nine years.

Our Simply Wonderful Krishna Kitchen is, by most accounts noted from Gathering Elders and regular participants, the best organized and most productive of the five or six major kitchens. One commented, “Your kitchen produces as much as two or three times that of the others.” This year was yet another high point as at least 50,000 servings of Prasadam were lovingly distributed over the course of the eight major festival days.

As darkness falls upon the forest, Simply Wonderful Krishna Kitchen lights the way. The first day was a success, with massive Prasadam distribution.
Krishna Sundar Prabhu one of the expert cooks present at the gathering.
Thousands of plates of Prasadam were served out of these stainless-steel buckets full of khichri, rice, and other wonderful foodstuffs.
Kirttan continued happily into the evening.
The large circle that comes together every evening at 6:30 for Prasadam.
Arranged nicely in concentric circles the rainbow family sits together

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