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Rasamayi Devi Dasi's passing away from this world

Write-up by Sundari Devi Dasi, Mexico City

Dear Worldwide Vaishnava Community:

My loving pranams to my Srila Gurudev and to you all. On Thursday, October 11, 2007 the community in Mexico City feels very sorry for the departure of our dearest Srimati Rasamayi Didi, who was always a true example of humility, tolerance and giving honour to others.

She served the mission wholeheartedly and never missed the opportunity to be engaged in seva. Any service that came to her, she would happily take it regardless her circumstances at the moment. In many occasions, she put herself in tremendous debts just to cover the necessities of service for Gurudev's mission here in Mexico City.

For the past four years she suffered from a terrible breast cancer and she lived every minute trying to preserve her body for the service to her Gurudev.

She was an exemplary devotee in all respects and her example should be followed by everyone. We feel in separation from her ever joyful mood and attitude despite the hardness of her disease.

Srimati Rasamayi Didi ki jay!

with deepest love,
Sundari Dasi
~ from Mexico City


Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Nabadwip
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