All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Report from Mauritius

by Srilekha Devi Dasi of USA, accompanying the entourage with
Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj
on his 24th World Tour

8 February 2008

Pictures: Dipta Krishna Prabhu

Dandabat pranams from Mauritius!

Yesterday morning, Feb 7th, His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj gave initiation to nineteen devotees, including many children of the devotees here. I was very touched to see their behaviour. Every child, after receiving the holy seed of devotion by His Divine Grace, went around and offered humble obeisances to each of the older devotees assembled there. They were not asking for blessing for a long life, or success in their studies, or a favourable marriage partner. They were asking for and receiving only the blessings to remain steadily in this perfect line, and to always be blessed with the service of their Divine Master.

In the afternoon, Srila Gurudev graced the Vaisnava Seva Society Ashram for the second time. The event was the official inauguration of the temple hall, and was attended by more than a thousand devotees and guests. Both the main hall and a large outside area were completely full. The ceremony began with an interview of Srila Gurudev by the national television station, which was followed by a beautiful talk delivered by His Divine Grace in Hindi. Srila Gurudev stressed that all the Vedic Scriptures glorify Svayam Bhagavan Krishna as the Supreme Truth. He explained that Krishna has come in this age as Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to distribute the chanting of His own Holy Names for our supreme benefit. And importantly, Mahaprabhu also taught us HOW to chant: that is with humility, tolerance, and offering all respects to others.

The entire crowd remained quiet, fully absorbed in hearing this most blessed message from the lips of the genuine pure devotee of the Lord.

Srila Gurudev then handed the microphone to Sripad Goswami Maharaj. I noticed that the guests were very attentive throughout Maharaj's lecture, though English is the third language here, after Creole and French.

Nilanjana Didi later remarked to me that due to Sripad Goswami Maharaj's clear voice and uncomplicated style, the Mauritan guests and devotees were able to follow and very much appreciate his lecture. Sripad Siddhanti Maharaj also spoke very nicely in English and then Sripad Narayan Maharaj of Mauritius spoke in Creole.

The talks ended with enthusiastic applause, and were followed by an invitation to one and all from the President of our Vaisnava Seva Society, Amalendu Prabhu, to come forward for darshan of His Divine grace and to offer daksina. Every person present very happily accepted this opportunity to present himself before Srila Gurudev, the ocean of affection and mercy, and make his or her offering to his Lotus Feet.

The festival concluded with Aratik and Mahaprasad Feast.

When Srila Gurudev returned to his house, he sat down in his sitting area and simply continued informal talks with devotees!

This morning, Feb 8th, Srila Gurudev showed the devotees pictures and videos of our temples all over the world. He talked about many devotees and temples, including our San Jose Ladies Ashram, our Soquel Ashram, and the Mexican Veracruz Ashram. He told about how it miraculously snowed, by the grace of Sri Sri Radha Madhava, just days before he left St. Petersburg, and didn't snow again for a long time after that. The devotees were relishing these often funny talks, and related them to each other again and again throughout the day.

This afternoon, after a strong downpour due to nearby cyclone activity, Srila Gurudev again went out on his scooter, this time going farther and wider through the neighbourhood. We passed along the bordering countryside, whose real conscious beauty can be seen only by his divine vision. Srila Gurudev is relaxed and happy with the devotees here, and the atmosphere is very family-like.

More later!

With obeisances,
~Srilekha Devi Dasi

Also: report today from Dipta Krishna Prabhu, hosting Srila Gurudev's Tour at the VSS in Mauritius.

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