All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math
Sri Nabadwip Dham Parikrama 2011
14-19 March 2011

Webpages and photos: Govinda Nandini Devi Dasi
Captions: Sadhu Priya Prabhu

Sripad Aranya Maharaj, still participating in all of the programmes. Devotees assembled at Samudragarh, the first stop on day four.
The children were also very happy to join the parikrama. The second stop today: the Gaura-Gadadhara Mandir of Dvija Vaninath at Champahati, where Srila Jayadev Goswami stayed.
Srila Acharya Maharaj speaks on the stage at Champahati joined by the pujari there and the assembled sannyasis leading our parikrama. The devotees rest under the shade of the pandal listening to the class about Jayadev Goswami and Champahati's glories.
Srila Acharya Maharaj gives class at Sri Sarvabhauma Gaudiya Math. Gauranga Prabhu ready to assist as the devotees feel the effects of four days of parikrama.
Everyone is happy to reach breakfast. Pictured are Anantaram Prabhu of Russia and Arati and Vaisnavi Devi Dasis from Singapore. Russian lady devotees taking a break during the long day.

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