The Best Trains between Nabadwip and Kolkata

updated 4 May 2012

This is the recommended train:

For a detailed description of how to get this train, please see Madhavananda Prabhu's write-up below.

These are additional express trains
, leaving from the different stations of Kolkata:

'Malda Intercity Express' (Train No. 13465)
Firsthand notes originally by Madhavananda Prabhu of USA

This train goes from Howrah (Kolkata's main station) to Malda, and the other way, daily except Sundays. It runs on bank holidays.

(Howrah to Nabadwip) leaving Howrah at 3:15 p.m.
(Nabadwip to Howrah) leaving Nabadwip at 10:25 a.m.

This train has reserved seats in A/C carriages and two carriages of non-A/C. The remainder of the train is unreserved. Luggage space is limited: only an overhead rack and whatever you can keep at your feet.

2nd class non A/C costs about Rs70 rupees each way.
A/C is available. A/C is around Rs. 225.

The 'up' train usually leaves from platform 3 or 4 in Howrah (ask 3 people). It arrives empty in Howrah and should be at the platform by 3:00.

The 'down' train stops in Nabadwip for only a couple of minutes so be ready to board quickly. The A/C coach generally stops just to the left of the platform entrance.

If you purchase a non-reserved Express Ticket from the regular counters you *may* be able to upgrade it to A/C on the train by seeing the Ticket Inspector before boarding the train, and then paying the difference of fare -- or you may be shunted down to the general carriage where you have no guarantee of a seat or even much in the way of standing space....

For Howrah to Nabadwip, in our experience it can take 45 minutes or so in line to get tickets in Howrah for the up train. Showing up at Howrah by 2:00 might not be unreasonable. Advance reservations can be made at any computerised ticket office and at many travel agents.

The correct ticket window in Howrah for the on-the-day ticket purchase is: from outside the old Howrah Station, face the station and go to the far left, to the entrance with a large blue sign above it: "Current Reservations." If you are inside the station, then face the front main exit (with the trains behind you). The booking office is off to the right, right in the corner where you enter another small room separate from the main station hall. There you will find a number of windows. Ask for a reservation form and try to fill it up before reaching the front of the line. They stop issuing tickets 15 minutes before the train departs.

Good luck, and please keep us informed if you find any of this information needs updating.

—Madhavananda Das and the Office Team
—Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Nabadwip

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