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Ten Offences to the Holy Dham

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To protect your spiritual life and to get the most benefit from your pilgrimage, the following Ten Offences to the Holy Dham should be avoided:

  1. To have contempt or disrespect towards the Guru, who is the revealer of the Holy Dham.
  2. To think that the Holy Dham is temporary.
  3. To commit violence towards any of the residents of the Holy Dham, or to any of the pilgrims who come to the Holy Dham, or to think that they are ordinary or mundane.
  4. To perform mundane activities while living in the Holy Dham.
  5. To earn money by, or to make a business of Deity worship and the chanting of the Holy Name of Sri Krishna.
  6. To think that the Holy Dham belongs to some mundane country or province [such as Bengal], or to think that the Dham of the Supreme Lord is equal to a holy place connected to some demigod, or to attempt to measure the area of the Dham.
  7. To commit sinful acts while in the Dham.
  8. To consider Sri Vrindavan and Sri Nabadwip differently.
  9. To blaspheme the Shastras which glorify the Holy Dham.
  10. To be faithless and to think that the glories of the Holy Dham are imaginary.

Please try to avoid all of the above offences while staying at the Math.


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