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Booking Indian Rail Express Train Tickets

Last updated August 2012

Math LogoHere is some help for booking train tickets for longer journeys from Nabadwip, Calcutta, New Delhi and Mathura.

Remember -- travelling and getting things done in India is always an austerity. To prevent it being more so than necessary, please always take good care of your baggage, passport, money, and valuables.

Indian Railways enquiries and express train reservations can now be made online at their website:
Also very useful for finding trains,
seat availability, PNR status, booking, etc.: - (you will need to login, but it only takes a moment to create a profile and no credit card is needed)

For Indian trains, flights and buses:
(trains and flights)

Useful for understanding Indian train bookings:
Indian Railways RAC and Waitlists concepts explained.

In Nabadwip:

A computerised booking office is now operating at Nabadwip Railway Station. It is open 8 a.m. to noon, and 12.30 to 2 p.m. but is closed on Sundays. The tourist quota is not available in Nabadwip, but only in Kolkata (see below) and the main cities of India.

Travel agents in Nabadwip can now book train and plane tickets for you. They charge a commission, but many find this to be a convenient way of purchasing tickets without the queuing and hassles.

In Kolkata

The regular computerized booking office is upstairs in the new "Yatri Nivas" section of Howrah Railway Station. If you find yourself in the old section, go outside, turn right, and "Yatri Nivas" is the next building.

If you need to travel within a day or two or want to be more sure of getting a train reservation, purchase your ticket from the tourist quota at the Tourist Reservation Office. Ask at the Enquiries Office for its location.

You will need to show your passport, and you may only pay in U.S. Dollars, Pounds Sterling, or in Rupees with your foreign currency purchase receipt.

In New Delhi

Tourist quota bookings are made at the Tourist Booking Office upstairs on the first floor of the main building (above the huge electronic timetable) near Platform 1 at the New Delhi Railway Station.
Other reservations are made at the booking office 100 metres down the road to the left when coming out of the station by Platform 1.

In Mathura

To get immediate seats on trains to Delhi, Agra and other fairly local destinations, get a 'Superfast' ticket to your destination from the regular ticket counters. This allows you to get on any train (except a 'Rajdhani' - which no one can board in Mathura).
Then ask at Enquiries when is the next express train to your destination. Mathura is a junction so invariably several passengers disembark here. So, when the train pulls in, ask the 'TT' (the conductor) of the carriage you wish to board which seats you can occupy, then pay the upgrade on the train.

In Vrindavan, there's a computerised ticket counter at the Railway Station - it opens at 8am. Also many travel agents can book tickets for you, charging a reasonable fee.


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