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Heart's service

Chidananda Prabhu gives a little background to the new San Jose Ashram project.


Srila Guru Maharaj arrived in San Francisco from Maui on Wednesday 8th November on a direct flight. His plane came in half an hour late, at 9:30 p.m. The devotees were waiting and all were very happy to see him. It seemed hundreds were at the airport. He was driven by Yudhamanyu Prabhu to the new San Jose Ladies' Ashram. Kum Kum D.D. has written about the glories of the opening of the new San Jose Ashram with the transferring of Mahaprabhu from the old Temple to the new one, so it isn't necessary to repeat that here. However I feel the need to point out that Kum Kum D.D. arranged everything herself from her own job which means she purchased a house and completely financed its remodelling.

Before starting this project she made a special trip to London last year to see Srila Guru Maharaj and consult with him. Seeing him pleased with her plan, she purchased this larger house for the Ladies' Ashram and refurbished it with the assistance of many dedicated devotees, all at her own expenses.

After purchasing the house, Kum Kum D.D. invited Srila Guru Maharaj to stay there for a few days on his next trip to Soquel. When he accepted, her pleasure knew no bounds.

Her service to Gurudev and all the devotees in San Jose was beyond the call of duty. She saw to every need of Guru Maharaj and all the devotees. She took time off from her job and arranged all the Prasadam and everything for the devotees. Needless to say Guru Maharaj is very pleased by her service. The San Jose program was a big success largely due to her tireless energy.

-Chidananda Dasa Brahmachari

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Posted 21 December 2000
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