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Practical Tips
for creating multi-media
that may be useful in your service

Updated with additional useful information: 17 June 2006

Maybe you have better luck than us finding the 'How to?' tips on the web, so if you know of good, informative places to go please let us know. In the meantime we receive a steady stream of requests asking 'How to?' so, the following are our own current mini-guidelines-from-experience which may be helpful for your service.

Our experience is gained mainly from using Macintosh computers, though most of the principles apply to the PC and other platforms.

Webpage Templates intended to be helpful for you to more easily make picture and report presentations to His Divine Grace Srila Govinda Maharaj. These three straightforward templates are accompanied by
Standard Operational Procedures
to guide step-by-step through their usage.
These 'SOPs' are made by Malini Devi Dasi, a professionally trained office administrator. She used one of these templates as the basis for her acclaimed Italian report of June 2006.

These templates are in addition to the tips given in the sections below.

Sending pictures via the Web

Preparing to a practical size | Sending pictures

Making web pages

Basic principles | 'How to' | The next stage | Reference manuals
Recording | Transfering to computer | Editing
Preparing mp3 files for the Web | Preparing RealMedia files for the web | Notes


Basic, necessary guidelines | What format and size to Save As? | Crunching it down for the Web

Slide shows

Processing pictures with synchronised audio for presenting on the web.

Intended to be useful for the devotees' service.
Your tips, feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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