All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Srila Gurudev's 21st World Tour

Sri Vyasa-Puja, Soquel Seva Ashram, USA

Pictures taken between 25th December 2004 and 4th January 2005

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Pictures by Divyashari, Damayanti and Dhanishta Devi Dasis.      
Webpage and captions by Damayanti Dasi.
"Today is my Guru-worshipping day." Despite showing ill-health on his birthday, Srila Gurudev mercifully came and spoke with the devotees for a short while in the temple room. He also recited the first few lines of 'Emona durmati' and requested the devotees to sing it later.
Keshavananda Prabhu led some of the morning bhajans before Srila Gurudev's arrival.
Raja Ram Prabhu led an enthusiastic kirttan later on.
Waiting earlier on for Srila Gurudev.
Vaishnavi Didi visiting from Venezuela, Devaki Devi Dasi, Amalia and others joined the card making group for Srila Gurudev's birthday.
The day before his birthday, Srila Gurudev specially requested that about twenty-five extra garlands be made for the devotees.
Dikshavati Didi headed the flower and decorating crew.
Kalindi Didi, always engaged in flower seva, is helped with decorating by her daughter Vaidehi Devi Dasi.
Even some of the boys helped with flower decorations: Virachandra from the U.K., Nitai from Detroit and Shyam from Venezuela.
Maladhari Didi's son Rama Prabhu, visiting from Oregon, also helped with decorations.
Dikshavati Didi looks after the book stall in front of the temple.
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