All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Srila Gurudev's 21st World Tour

In the Kitchen
Soquel Seva Ashram

Pictures taken between 25th December 2004 and 4th January 2005

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Pictures by Divyashari, Damayanti and Dhanishta Devi Dasis.      
Webpage and captions by Damayanti Dasi.
Sanatani Didi and Ranajit Prabhu.
Ramananda Prabhu is always happily engaged in kitchen seva, both in Soquel and San Jose.
Chapati makers.
Kamala Devi Dasi, Soquel's famous sweetmaker.
Making cookies outside the kitchen.
To the right is Dhruvananda Prabhu from Mexico, described by some as the best chapati maker in the world.
Some potwashers: Gaurahari, Jaya Gauranga and Rati Kanta Prabhus.
A big feast to serve out on Vyasa Puja day.
Jivana Didi, who helps manage the San Jose Ashram, and Kirtida Didi, who came from Mexico to cook for Srila Gurudev.
The tireless heads (and mothers) of the Soquel kitchen, Sanatani Didi and Sureshwari Didi, have been cooking two big offerings a day for all the devotees since Srila Gurudev's arrival in September.
Annapurna (Soquel's unofficial chutney maker), Ashapurna, Sachi and Dhanishta Devi Dasi's. In front, Jahnavi Devi Dasi.

Some of the teenage kitchen crew.

Girls, behind: Annapurna, Ashapurna, Sachi Devi Dasis, in front: Ishvari, Dhanishta, Lalita Priya and Vaidehi Devi Dasis. Boys: Dhruva, Nitai, Nimai and Satrugna Prabhus.

This is on a good day.

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