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Please remember that whatever you do while staying at any of our Maths is a reflection on the good reputation of the Math. Everyone staying at our Maths is therefore required to abide by the following simple rules and guidelines:

  • Obtain permission from the Math Secretary or delegated authority before staying.
  • Fill in the Registration Book and other official papers on arrival.
  • Abide by all Indian Government laws.
  • Have a valid passport and valid Indian Visa.
  • Have an onward plane ticket, or sufficient funds for such. Your onward journey is your responsibility.
  • Attend the Temple programs and engage in service.
  • Do not accept invitations to go to people's homes in the area.
  • Do not engage in any form of business in the locale [selling watches cameras, etc.].
  • Wear a dhoti [or sari] and tilak.
  • Agree to leave the Math at any time if asked to do so.
Only those residing in the quarters for devotees from abroad may enter those buildings. All other persons must be received in the Reception Book Room or other public areas.

Please also see the our Practical Advice for Visitors, and the Ten Offences To Avoid while staying at the Holy Dham.

The Secretary,
Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math.

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